Welcome Back

It’s been a while since this website had an airing.

I’ve been sharing all of my ideas and thoughts on my Patreon page. I still use Patreon to share my poetry but I am going to start blogging over here again. Using Patreon to replace my website completely was the hope, however, Patreon’s blogging system is really not good enough and it’s very hard to work with, especially for writers.

I would love for people who follow me here to come and check out my Patreon stuff – there is LOADS over there that you can read completely free, before you have to donate.
And if you do donate as little as $1 you can read all of my poetry as well.

This website has had a major revamp and I am going to put everything that I do here. Patreon will still be the only place you can see my poetry but this site will have everything else. To make it easier to find things you can use the menu at the top and as ever you can navigate using the categories and tags which I always use.

Come and take a look around, see what has changed and let me know what you think.

It’s good to be back.



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