We had barely been in Tromsø two hours when we headed to Mathallen. I had booked a table, not at all necessary for a mid-week lunch but at least by booking it ensured that we didn’t just sack out at the hotel. It was a tempting option after no sleep and two airports.

I was staying at the exceptional Clarion Collection Hotel With. I LOVED this hotel, if/when I go back to Tromsø I won’t stay anywhere else. They provide half-board and combined with the trips I had booked this meant that we weren’t eating out very often. I had chosen Mathallen because it looked like my sort of place to recouperate.

My chilli allergy was a bit of a kicker, yet again, food blogging with awkward allergies is, well, awkward, especially when you really like spicy food. I had been planning on trying the pulled pork but went for the hamburger instead due to stupid allergies.

It was a good choice.


The burger was delicious and really beautifully cooked, just medium-rare and yummy. There were a few bits of gristle which always irritates me. The accompaniments were however, flawless. Sidenote: if you want things pickled really well, go somewhere that only has a two month growing season.

The fish burger was a surprise, it was a fish-cake inside a bun rather than a piece of fish. Lots of lovely carbs to keep out the very cold weather. Again with completely wonderful additions. The pickled radish, sharp and sweet was exceptional.

And although they don’t often get a mention, these fries deserve it. Just the right size, crisp and fluffy. I would eat them every day.


The staff were lovely, our waitress was brilliant, and as everyone was in Tromsø, spoke perfect English. She was even patient when I wanted to say how lovely it was in Norwegian. Tourists!

Definitely somewhere to return to and fill your snow-boots.

There is also a deli next door which we didn’t get to fully explore due to lack of cooking options but would be fantastic for less formal dining and stocking up on yummy luxuries.

Oh, also, I know it gets boring hearing this but Norway is expensive. It just is. You have to budget for it and go there expecting it or it hurts.

Grønnegata 58/60, 9008 Tromsø
(Easiest way is to head for the library, which you cannot miss and then walk left as you are facing the library.)



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