A New Start

Well, where to start?
I’ve had a year. A hell of a year. A year of hell.
I’ve had a lot of trips to a lot of different doctors. I have lost touch with friends and reconnected with friends.
I found out that you can be doing well and then the world can crash in around you.
I discovered that repressed memories are really a thing and when they burst into your brain it can cause incredible damage.
I learnt that I am more than I thought I was.
And hell, I survived.
Work, work has been pushed to the side a little while I deal with everything else.
One of the things I have realised is that I need to get back into the old routine of living my life online, because I love the online community I was a part of and I want to be there again.
So there is going to be a lot more content on here, I am going to reconnect with Instagram (and maybe even Facebook but let’s see how long that lasts!).
I am getting better at looking at myself in the mirror, I am getting better at listening to and sharing my thoughts with the world again.

For a long time I was going to get rid of Patreon and try some other avenues but I have faith in the system and I want to give it another go. I am going to keep a few things on there outside of the paywall so people can see some of my pieces and decide whether they want to pay or not. I want to use it more as a tip-jar than as a regulated structured payment system.

I am working on a linked series of novels. That’s all you get on that for now.

I have completed a verse novel, something I wanted to do for years. It’s set in a slightly-futuristic world that seems to be getting closer every day.

I am re-working a play that I wrote almost a decade ago and am going to shop it around. I love it, it’s about war, survival and how to go on. Appropriate, no?

I am writing poetry that I want to write and sharing it when I want to share it. Shared here, there and everywhere.

Things are looking up. I am looking upwards and I am hoping.
Stick around here, things are going to get good.

Vick x

ps. There is a corresponding blog on Patreon (outside the paywall, obviously)


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