The heart is kept, safe under worn branches,
so we cannot see it in our every-days unless
we close eyes and look to the heavens. There we are.
Made to be found, to find each other.

High above us tucked into an expanding canopy –
hiding in plain sight. Nature’s beauty all around.
Each one apart holds the whole together,
they combine, as day to day, linking in and out.

A lifetime of standing still and then just
as soon as it’s ready it falls. Fast. Down to Earth.
Even fallen they carry hope – new lives to grow.
A tiny speck, a small root, only the start.

And then we start to see what it will become.
The scales drop like notes creating a music
of their own. Reflect back the echo of growth
as each layer forms a deeper connection to life.

Up to the heavens, fingers lace together –
taut as a string, pulled over rippled water.
A sun swings up from the South and out
across the world bringing greens and blues.

We can see the start of our path, not the end,
a horizon too great that we walk towards.


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