Apple Adventures

IMG_20150807_090021453_HDR (2)

I am waiting for parcels to arrive.

Mr G and I are dipping a tentative toe into the world of real cider making. Today the equipment arrives. I spent a long time researching methods, varieties, yeasts and brands.

We are beginning with a scratter (to chop and mash up the apples), a press (to squeeeeze out that juice), two fermentation buckets and a pasteurizer (not strictly for the cider but for many little projects).

There are some apples in my home garden and I’m on the hunt for more to try and make a more interesting blend.

This year is very much an experiment to see what works for us, so hopefully we make a lot of mistakes to learn from and maybe end up with something yummy at the end too.

Our cider making will be tagged #appleadventures on the blog if you’d like to follow along.


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