A New Start

Well, where to start? I’ve had a year. A hell of a year. A year of hell. I’ve had a lot of trips to a lot of different doctors. I have lost touch with friends and reconnected with friends. I found out that you can be doing well and then the world can crash in […]

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  We had barely been in Tromsø two hours when we headed to Mathallen. I had booked a table, not at all necessary for a mid-week lunch but at least by booking it ensured that we didn’t just sack out at the hotel. It was a tempting option after no sleep and two airports. I was […]

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Stream of Consciousness

When I was younger, I could run endlessly on rage. These days, it's not sustainable for me. It clouds my reason. I burn out and shut down. — Pat Rothfuss (@PatrickRothfuss) January 23, 2017 Yeah, if you’re reading this you probably already know how much Pat’s writing means to me, how much it has helped. […]

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Endeavour – Fugue

Come, friends, gather. Tonight we sing the praises of Endeavour. Welcome to my favourite episode of Season One, Fugue, and of course it is focused on music. Morse and music go together better than bacon and eggs. The episode opens with choral singers, specifically Morse, who has been spotted by the local newspaper as he […]

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Endeavour – Girl

Read the previous review, Pilot, here. Spoilers, obviously, but it’s been out for more than four years so… Oxford’s Dreaming Spires, an opening if ever there was. Endeavour consistently uses its openers to dual purpose, one to lay out the players and stages that will become important in the mystery ahead and two, an insight […]

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Endeavour – Pilot

The start. Back to the beginning. I watched Inspector Morse sporadically, it was perfect when I was in the mood and grated when I wasn’t. Lewis I found easier to connect to but Endeavour has been the real highlight of the group for me. A fourth season has been announced and I decided to re-watch […]

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P4A 2016 Poetry Edition

  Once again it’s time for the annual Project for Awesome, a brilliant charity event where online creators and their fans unite to raise money and try to decrease the amount of worldsuck (exactly what you think it is…basically everything 2016!) I always try to give as much as I can but this year I […]

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