corruption, a lesson in honesty

The word corruption is often linked to money. I think for me, money corrupts, if you are aware of when I am online and offline you will have noticed that it is something I struggle with. I work and stop and this little blog of mine changes form, becomes a joy to me, and then…Read more corruption, a lesson in honesty

There’s no I in ‘PIP’

I have depression. I have anxiety. (This is my particular flavour of anxiety if you're interested) I applied for Personal Independent Payment support from the government. Why? Because I'm not independent. Because I would like to be more independent. My mental health issues mean that my life is seriously affected. Due to my anxiety and…Read more There’s no I in ‘PIP’

Top Tips for Patreon Creators

My Patreon campaign was eight months in the planning and is three weeks in so far - it's going slow but steady and I'm still learning. I will keep talking about what is working and not working so that people can see how it's going for me. There are not a huge number of writers/poets on…Read more Top Tips for Patreon Creators


It's finally time. You've all known that I've been working on something really exciting and it is finally LIVE. I have a Patreon page. Patreon is a way of supporting creators that you love. Unlike Kickstarter it isn't one payment for one project but a little money each month - a virtual tip jar, a way…Read more Patreon

Poetry Business

A long time ago now there was a great online seminar on Etsy about how to value your business with Tara Gentile and Megan Auman called 'The Art of Pricing for Profit'. I have recommended this to many people and it really does apply to anyone running their own business, but especially creatives. Tara talks…Read more Poetry Business