Endeavour – Fugue

Come, friends, gather. Tonight we sing the praises of Endeavour. Welcome to my favourite episode of Season One, Fugue, and of course it is focused on music. Morse and music go together better than bacon and eggs. The episode opens with choral singers, specifically Morse, who has been spotted by the local newspaper as he…Read more Endeavour – Fugue


Tumblr Write

Tumblr is a great resource for writers. It's good for promotion, sharing, finding inspiration and connecting with other writers. I used it as the main part of my Micropoetry project and I often post snippets and short poems on there as well as ideas and the art that inspires me. There are also lots of…Read more Tumblr Write

Sorrowful Again

Following on from a duet of conversations; one about music and poetry and the other about the opacity of poems I am revisiting my poem Sorrowful. I wrote it as part of the Three Random Word project and then edited it a little. The original words that I was given to include from the project…Read more Sorrowful Again