Back Again

Renewed and refreshed. See you all soon, on a very regular basis. There will be tales from the garden and hopefully some starts to my homesteading adventures. There will be pictures of food and puppies. There will be poetry and reviews and books and stories. Come say hello, it’s been too long. Vick Advertisements

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The End, The Beginning.

Just a quick blog post to let everyone know that I’m leaving Patreon and going to be looking at new ways to share ideas and stories. I am working to simplify my life, to find the small joys and happier moments. The next post will be some information about my new best friend who has […]

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A New Start

Well, where to start? I’ve had a year. A hell of a year. A year of hell. I’ve had a lot of trips to a lot of different doctors. I have lost touch with friends and reconnected with friends. I found out that you can be doing well and then the world can crash in […]

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Stream of Consciousness

When I was younger, I could run endlessly on rage. These days, it's not sustainable for me. It clouds my reason. I burn out and shut down. — Pat Rothfuss (@PatrickRothfuss) January 23, 2017 Yeah, if you’re reading this you probably already know how much Pat’s writing means to me, how much it has helped. […]

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There’s no I in ‘PIP’

I have depression. I have anxiety. (This is my particular flavour of anxiety if you’re interested) I applied for Personal Independent Payment support from the government. Why? Because I’m not independent. Because I would like to be more independent. My mental health issues mean that my life is seriously affected. Due to my anxiety and […]

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Doris Grumbach

I have never understood why so few of my friends have read Doris Grumbach’s work. She writes beautifully and with an honest clarity. She has led and amazing life and so her memoirs are just as fascinating as her fiction. I’m hoping it’s just that we don’t get as many US writers over here in […]

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Formal Apology

It’s National Poetry Day and I have nothing planned. I had a few ideas of what I could do but I’ve not done any of them. This is the first time in years that I’ve not done anything. I really enjoy writing and sharing poetry on Patreon. Partly for the same reason that I loved […]

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