St. Philip and St. James, Whittington

Last month I visited the little church of St. Philip and St. James in Whittington, Worcestershire. It was a rather strange place, there was little spiritual feeling for me and the churchyard was sadly rather overgrown. I didn't feel drawn either to the building or to the grounds. Sometimes it does happen when a new…Read more St. Philip and St. James, Whittington


Sorkin, Sidney and the Silver Star

My latest short story, and one of the few pieces of prose I've written that you can find online is titled Quo Vadimus. The title is taken from the final episode of Sports Night, the show that got me started on Sorkin scripts. It's Latin for "Where Are We Going" (in as much as you…Read more Sorkin, Sidney and the Silver Star

Meet Me in the Middle

The Art Assignment is a new project from PBS and Sarah Urist Green. Their profile on YouTube describes the project: We take you around the U.S. to meet working artists and solicit assignments from them that we can all complete. The first assignment launched on the 20th February with Douglas Paulson and Christopher Robbins and challenges…Read more Meet Me in the Middle