St. Philip and St. James, Whittington

Last month I visited the little church of St. Philip and St. James in Whittington, Worcestershire. It was a rather strange place, there was little spiritual feeling for me and the churchyard was sadly rather overgrown. I didn't feel drawn either to the building or to the grounds. Sometimes it does happen when a new…Read more St. Philip and St. James, Whittington


There’s no I in ‘PIP’

I have depression. I have anxiety. (This is my particular flavour of anxiety if you're interested) I applied for Personal Independent Payment support from the government. Why? Because I'm not independent. Because I would like to be more independent. My mental health issues mean that my life is seriously affected. Due to my anxiety and…Read more There’s no I in ‘PIP’


I am drawn to places with good second-hand bookshops and will base entire holidays/trips around them. When I look back on holidays I do tend to think most fondly of bookshops that I have found. The top ten, in no real order, are as follows. #1. Brierlow Bar just outside Buxton in Derbyshire. This is not actually…Read more Bookshopping