A New Start

Well, where to start? I’ve had a year. A hell of a year. A year of hell. I’ve had a lot of trips to a lot of different doctors. I have lost touch with friends and reconnected with friends. I found out that you can be doing well and then the world can crash in…Read more A New Start


Letter Lines

transformed into existence. Take the weakest part of yourself and give it away. Leave only the view you can see. one and two. A fixed point in this way of a wavering life. Grass under our legs grows by a ruined abbey. Take me. I followed you here. This place that you made better just…Read more Letter Lines

End of a Project

Back at the start of the year I began a project called Poetry Postcards. The idea was that I would write a very long poem that would still work when broken down into one hundred sections. Each section was written on the front of a postcard and these cards were sent around the world in…Read more End of a Project